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Clear Steam started with the concept of  working class people that work hard but dont have time to maintain the  cleaning all the time. We all walk on carpets coming into the house well  unless you have hardwood floors. We work hard enough to why not come  home to a clean carpet that will stay that way? When you know you have  great quality team coming in to help you maintain the clean of your  interior house while you are out away from it. 


We inject hot, soft water and our  proprietary cleaning solution into your carpet. Then our magic wand loosens and lifts the dirt and soil from the carpet, without the abrasive brushing of other cleaning methods. And, drying time is faster since 95 percent of the moisture is suctioned out of the carpet. That means no leftover soapy residue. You say goodbye to dirt, allergens,  dust mites and other microscopic pollutants that collect in your carpet. 

Fun Facts

According to the national Air Duct  Cleaners Association (NADCA), the average six-room house collects 40  pounds of dirt, dust and allergens in its air ducts each year. That’s a  big problem, considering that 40,000 dust mites can thrive in only one  ounce of dust. Those little dust “bunnies” contain a host of unhealthy  bacteria, fungi and mold. The EPA estimates indoor air can be two to  five times more polluted than outdoor air. Even worse, the contaminated  air circulates throughout your house every time the heating or cooling  system kicks on.IMPROVED ENERGY EFFICIENCY AND INDOOR AIR QUALITY. Your  wallet takes a hit as well. The build-up of dirt and debris prevents the  air from flowing freely throughout the ventilation system. That means  it works harder and costs more to operate. Over time, the problem only  gets worse. Clear the air in your home with air duct cleaning and air  vent cleaning services from the NADCA certified professionals at Clear  Steam Cleaning. It’s also important to realize that many companies limit  ventilation system cleaning to the air ducts. Not us. We clean your  entire ventilation system, including the HVAC unit, blower, evaporator  coil and accessible components, as well as the individual air ducts,  from the vent covers to the main trunk line. We also remove the vent  covers, clean them, and then put them back in place. From duct cleaning  to vent cleaning, we clean every part of your ventilation system.